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1twenty7 Project

For those of you who aren't aware, I am a part of a ministry called 1twenty7 Project. The non-profits mission is motivated by faith, to serve others and build confidence through fitness. This is achieved by running fitness programs with scriptural motivation for ministries and organizations that work with women/teens rescued out of sex trafficking, at risk youth and other specialized groups. I became a part of 1twenty7 the day my good friend Ashley, and founder, approached me about the vision she had for a ministry that was based off of James 1:27, "Pure and undefiled religion before God is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble." Right away I knew I wanted to be a part of this mission and encouraged her to keep chasing this calling. Before I knew it 1twenty7 Project was born and Ashley brought me in as a team member.


The other day Ashley asked me to share what God has been teaching me over these past few months with our community. For me this is done best through this blog. In previous posts, I have shared lessons God has been teaching me, and many overlap, but for the sake of speaking to our 1twenty7 community I want to elaborate on these most recent times. If I am being honest, the lesson I am going to speak into today is one He has been trying to instill in me for quite some time, but I finally decided to listen. I'm not proud to admit it, but due to my stubbornness it usually takes God several tries until I finally open up my eyes and fix them onto what He is showing me. It only took cancer and a pandemic to get me to pay attention. So what is this message?! He has been showing me that I can be content where I am and still be enough. That finding contentment and peace does not make me complacent. You see, I have always had it in my mind that if I felt content then that must mean I am not working hard enough and that I've given up. This has led me to constantly be pushing for more - more work, more to do's, more success and more stress. For so long in my life if I didn't feel stressed then I assumed something was wrong. It never occurred to me that I was wanting more of the wrong things. As I stand here today all I want more of is God. So what created this shift? First Him stripping away my normal. For me that began with cancer, but for others this most likely looks like COVID 19. Once normalcy is stripped suddenly there is an ability to shift focus. My eyes were able to become fixed on Him. I spent more time than I ever had chasing Him daily. The farther I ran the more I wanted to learn. I've heard that there is this thing called a runners high. Apparently after running long distances runners start to have a feeling of pure elation, reduced stress, and a decreased ability to feel pain. Seeing as running a mile is my definition of torture I can say I've never experienced this feeling. However, I can imagine the experience because this is what I feel in my walk with God - praise and peace. Even with experiencing my version of a runners high, it still hasn't removed the world telling me I am not enough unless I am on the right diet, doing the right workout, creating my own business and gaining thousands of social media followers. When my eyes become no longer fixed on God my contentment has become complacency.

What if we choose to separate the two. Acknowledging that we can be content without being complacent. That we can grow without constantly striving for more. That we can let go of the control and allow God to take hold of it for us. So that we may be still and know that He is God (Psalms 46:10). Suddenly we will be enough and will find an insurmountable peace. My challenge for you is to shift your view of this pandemic. To see it as a time to refocus and reevaluate your priorities. Instead of desiring to return to a life of normalcy, to seek His fingerprints within your life. For it may feel as though you have been forgotten, I promise the Lord Almighty is with us (Psalms 46:7). If you allow it, good will come from even the greatest times of brokenness. Choose to cease more and embrace contentment for in Christ you are enough!


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